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About Zoupa


Our vision is quit simple:fresh ingridience,greek products and a fusion of traditional dishes and a differnet "feeling" of tast.

A lovely garden in a pedestrian area away from the noisy harbour front and the main tourist spots. 

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Roasted Zuccini

From the Press

Spring Onion
Chili Peppers


“A hidden away gem. Lovely garden location with very friendly staff.Food was above expectations-presented and tasted amazing” uploaded from Tripadvisor 

Gabriella H


“Delicious and away from the main roads and tourists.The food was authentically Greek and of high quality.The restaurant was gorgeous,away from the main tourist spots and main road.Lovely ambiance with live music(without mics so it did not drown out conversation).Easily the best meal and experience during our stay on the island.” uploaded from tripadvisor july 2019



“Strolling through the town ,came across this restaurant.Checking out the menu and overheard an American couple extolling its virtues.Struckup a conversation....this restaurant was higly recommended,Thank you Manno.Tried it and kept coming back!Excellent food,wonderfull ambience and "in joke"about the snails.The Chicken kebab ist a must! Moist,flavoursome and accompanied with fresh grilled vegetables.That really sums it up....service,food ,friendship.Fond memories made.Thank you.

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